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Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life. Every pregnancy comes with its own unique experiences and sometimes sudden surprises. Most women experience smooth sailing, but for some it can be more challenging. Dr Ahmed believes that his role is to facilitate the normal processes during pregnancy and at birth, and identify any issues that arise so any deviation from the norm can be addressed early, ensuring the best outcome can be achieved regardless of circumstances.

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Shakil prefers to actively engage with his patients while making important decisions in their pregnancies. He provides women with the pros and cons of different choices based on current evidence to help them make their own informed choices. Everyone is different in the way they react to different clinical situations, how they perceive health related facts and how they choose between various options. Shakil will make every effort to cater for this diversity while ensuring a high standard of care is maintained.

An obstetrician with services throughout Moorebank and Campbelltown

Shakil delivers babies both in Liverpool Public and Sydney South West Private Hospitals. As a pregnancy doctor, he takes pride in helping people feel comfortable and safe during their pregnancy and making the birth as stress-free as possible. Dr Ahmed has helped hundreds of parents bring new lives into the world and can help you, whether it’s your first, second or third child.

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