Dr Shakil Ahmed

Shakil is a fully qualified Obstetrician and Obstetric Ultrasound Specialist working in South Western Sydney based at Liverpool. He has admitting rights to both Liverpool Public and Sydney South West Private Hospitals.

Currently working as a staff specialist in Liverpool Hospital, Shakil only looks after pregnant women.  He is one of the few obstetricians who takes an actual interest in high risk pregnancies and works in the fetal medicine unit, birthing unit and high risk antenatal clinic to manage and co-ordinate women with complex pregnancy problems. Throughout the long years of training he has worked in close partnership with his midwifery colleagues looking after pregnant women, both low and high risk and continues to have an excellent working relationship with them working as a team. He also has gone through formal obstetric ultrasound training enabling him to make important decisions at the point of care. 

Shakil has more than 16 years of experience in caring for pregnant women. He has mostly worked in busy tertiary obstetric units both in Australia and abroad which gave him extensive experience in dealing with the entire range of obstetric practice. His final years of training in a maternal-fetal medicine unit as a subspecialty trainee gave him the necessary insight into the essence of high risk pregnancy management.

Background as an Obstetrician

Shakil is originally from Bangladesh. He undertook his medical degree from Dhaka Medical College, the foremost medical institution in his country. He was amongst the top graduates in his class when he completed his MBBS in 1998. He started his training in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Bangladesh in 2000 and worked there for 3 years as a trainee specialist. In his last year of training he met Prof. Gyaneshwar, the then director of the O&G department in Liverpool Hospital who organized him to have further training in Sydney.
Shakil started working in Liverpool Hospital in 2003 as an overseas trainee. While working here he completed his Australian Certification exam and was fully registered in 2005 and became an Australian resident. He got into the specialist training program in 2006, which he completed in 2011. As part of his training Shakil had the privilege to work in Campbelltown, Fairfield, Tweed, St. George Public and Lismore Hospitals.
Towards the end of his training, Shakil took a special interest in high risk obstetrics and started working as a subspecialty trainee in 2011 in the Maternal-Fetal Medicine unit at Liverpool. He worked under the direct supervision of Prof. John Smoleniec and completed his clinical training and examination requirements. Currently he is working on his research project which is a mandatory component before he can formally be recognized as a subspecialist in maternal-fetal medicine. He has also got a Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound from ASUM, which allows him to independently offer obstetric ultrasounds.
When not looking after patients

Shakil loves spending time with his four sons. He also has a passion for continued learning. He has finished a Masters in Clinical Epidemiology from the University of Sydney in 2015. He loves playing with his gadgets and is always looking for ways to incorporate technology for the care of his patients. He fluently speaks both Bengali and English.

For Appointments

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